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At Communitas Technologies, we strive to go beyond what has to-date been labeled Church Management. We believe that churches are the people, not the buildings. Society and technology are both changing very rapidly, and thus, we are developing a platform that reflects the way people actually live today and how they can live out their faith in the future.

Some churches are realizing that their connection, communication and teaching models need to drastically change. Of course, this is not necessarily new; historical examples abound where the Church has had to reinvent itself periodically ever since the first century. This is one of those times. And just because methods change does not mean the Gospel changes with it. However, in today’s world, just like within our secular lives, a healthy embrace of technology is required to be relevant, especially for the younger adults and children.

Our team has spent a number of years within the Church Software industry and has relevant and extensive experience with Fellowship One, Active Network, ParishSOFT and RightNow Media. After much brainstorming, we believe in today’s church, although the system should help the church staff and volunteers both on Sundays and throughout the week with their duties, we have started to look at church from a different perspective. We believe the platform architecture should really be around the people, structured around their journeys, around their stories – whether the person is a church guest, a priest or pastor, a member of the community, a new Christian, a person who has had a bad experience with previous church, a pastor’s wife, a mature Christian or a core volunteer. They all have dynamic, unique journeys made up of different stories requiring personalized attention.

Long gone are the days when everyone lived in a three-bedroom house with the white picket fence, 2.4 kids, two dogs and a cat living with biological Mom and Dad, Dad retiring from the same company he started with, Mom volunteering at PTA and baking cookies every afternoon. However, many of today’s systems are designed with people living that happy path, any deviation from that being an anomaly. However, in the modern world, the traditional path is becoming rare. Good, bad, or indifferent; those days are gone, and our thinking like that must be left behind as well. As we lead and serve others, the information within our systems need to reflect the unique nature of everyone – not only so we can do a better job ministering to them, but so that future automation within the system can as well.

We envision a time when people can log-on to the phones and participate in church whenever and wherever they want. And when we say participate in church, we are not referring only to the main service. We see a future where churches and parachurches are tied together across geographical and denominational lines, so they better serve all people, especially those in need. Our plans are to develop software that will help people consume and understand Bible and life-enriching content so that true life-change can take place so people can live more functional Christian lives. We want to measure people’s fruit, not just processes and transactions. If the church can help people form a positive identity, know their purpose, consistently feed their passion to intentionally drive that purpose, seek and better understand God in order to love Him more, and learn to love others as Christ loves the Church, won’t engagement within our churches increase? The future systems within churches need to facilitate discipleship as an everyday lifestyle, not just provide us with a glorified Rolodex™. Gathering for an hour on Sunday mornings limits our ability to be a catalyst for life change. If the Church continues to do the same things it has always done, we will get the same results, and that’s not cutting it.

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Jeff Hook, Founder and CEO of Communitas Technologies.

Jeff Hook

Founder, CEO
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Matt Vasquez

Co-Founder, VP of Product Development
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Chris Davidson

Director of Growth & Engagement
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Tim Nations

Communitas Implementation Guide

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