The Vision of Communitas

The Communitas Engagement Platform is built for the next generation of Church Management.

At Communitas Technologies, we strive to go beyond what has to date been labeled a Church Management System.

Many churches are realizing that their connection, communication, and teaching models need to drastically change. They are beginning to explore how to take their organization through a digital transformation process in order to modernize their ministry strategies.

Of course, this is not necessarily new; historical examples abound where the Church has had to reinvent itself periodically ever since the first century. This is one of those times.

And just because methods change does not mean the Gospel changes with it.

However, in today’s world, just like within our secular lives, a healthy embrace of technology is required to be relevant, especially for the younger adults and children.

Society and technology are both changing very rapidly, and thus, we are developing a platform that reflects the way people actually live today and how they can live out their faith in the future.

Our Communitas Technologies Tenets

  • Build Local and Global Communities into Communitas
  • Getting Beyond Sundays, Beyond the Building, Beyond ChMS - Transforming Lives Seven Days a Week Out Where People Work and Live
  • Foster Act of Worship Giving™ - Because Giving is More than a Financial Transaction
  • Empower Personalized Discipleship™ Through Dynamic Journey-based Curriculum™
  • Drive Marketplace and Neighborhood Outreach
  • Provide Community and Encouragement to Pastors and Staff
  • Network Faith-based Organizations for the Common Cause
  • Help Couple Faith and Science to Bring the Gospel Forward Into the Current Age
  • Measure Outcomes and Impacts, Not Just Traditional Outputs

Our Team

Jeff Hook, Founder and CEO of Communitas Technologies.

Jeff Hook

Founder, CEO
Matt Vasquez, Co-Founder and VP of Product Development for Communitas Technologies.

Matt Vasquez

Co-Founder, VP of Product Development
Chris Davidson, Director of Growth and Engagement for Communitas Technologies.

Chris Davidson

Director of Growth & Engagement