What Drives Us?

What Drives Us?

Plot lines …

·      Jeff Hook’s favorite verse in the Bible is John 10:10.

·      Churches are one of the cornerstones of the community.

·      Can churches use technology to help people live more functional lives?

Communitas Technologies LLC is a young start-up that began in May of 2018 by three guys, Jeff Hook, Matt Vasquez and Jason King, who want to help people live more functional Christian lives. We should then definitely be aligned with our customers around the world – because isn’t that what churches should be in the business of as well? If a business can align with its customers goals, provide value and perform, it has a winning business!

My favorite Bible verse is John 10:10b, which goes, if you don’t know it, “ … I came that you might have life and have it to the full.” We believe that is on this side of the grave.

Our view is it not enough to just help get people’s souls saved. Although that might be a great ultimate step, that is also selling God short. Didn’t Jesus heal the sick, feed the hungry, calm the sea to end the disciples’ fear? He did not just say your sins are forgiven now “suck it up and deal with it!” God wants us to live an abundant life. Am I reading my Bible wrong? Didn’t He bless Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with wonderful lives? Even though occasionally they had to deal with temporary hardships, they lived well for their times and were thankful for the blessings that the Lord provided to them.

And God blessed them even though they lived far from “perfect lives.” Abraham didn’t trust God enough to protect him while traveling so he denied Sarah was his wife twice, Sarah laughed inside (in front of God, and she thought He would not notice?) when God said she would bear a son even though she was old and supposedly barren, and Jacob conspired with his mom to deceive his father, Isaac, to receive the family blessing. Although sometimes the God of the Old Testament gets a bad rap today, He proved He was patient from the way back before Christ came along.

However, sometimes how we react to the “hardships” in life hampers us from living a full life. And then God has to “pick up the pieces.” What would this world be like if there were not so many children affected by vicious marital fighting or ultimately the divorce of their parents? How much harmony would be in marriages if all husbands actually loved their wives like Christ loves His church? How much better would we all get along if we all truly loved our neighbors as ourselves? How much better off would our children’s lives be if we all learned how to better manage our finances? Are these things in God’s control or ours? Would churches be better at helping people if it measured outcomes associated with people’s lives and not just attendance, engagement and offerings? We’ll get into why these are bead metrics to measure in later stories.

We believe the Church is the only institution that can help adults learn how to live better lives. Can you name another one? Unfortunately, in this society, respect for all institutions is on a downward slippery slope (have you watched the news lately? have you noticed how they, the institutions, keep letting us down?), but we believe the Church still has the institutional respect to be the light on the hill to illuminate people’s path to a better way of living. That’s what Christ meant when He said His yoke was easy. Am I wrong?

In Hosea 4:6, God is telling the Israelites, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Notice it is not from a lack of faith, but a lack of knowledge. We believe churches can provide more personalized ministry to people by tracking more information about their stories to help people live more functional Christian lives. We’ll get into how in later stories. But this will take an entirely different view of the role of technology in churches. Luckily, with advancements in technology and newer programming techniques and tools, we think we can do so at a very affordable price.

As always, you are always welcome to reach out to me if you want to discuss ideas about church systems, drop me an email at jhook@communitastech.com or text me at (214) 668-9807. We can even set some time up to discuss over the phone or face-to-face when we are in the same city in the near future. Technology is rapidly changing the ways people live, for the sake of the next generation, the church cannot be left behind. I look forward to hearing from you.

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