What culture war?

What culture war?

I just read once again, like I have heard a number of times before that the “Big C” Church is losing the culture war.

What culture war?

Culture changes on an on-going basis, whether we want it to or not.

  • It doesn’t ask anyone’s permission or requires anyone’s vote.
  • It does not move in lock step, as if we are losing a tug-of-war foot-by-foot. It is actually more fluid than that. It flows.

Like a flowing stream, culture cannot remain the same.

I love the old saying, “You can’t step into the same stream twice.”

Culture cannot remain the same because the next generation looks at things differently than the previous generation that formed the most recent culture. Instead of fighting a war, why don’t we, the Church, try to direct the flow versus dam it up?

I dislike the political word “conservative.”

It implies staying the same – or conserving the past.

As the “Big C” Church, we need to not conserve the past, but instead direct the future. And just like a stream that has new water added to it from a fresh side spring, we need to add some “new water” into the mix to change people’s perception of a stale, out-of-touch church – that we are not just the same water from the stream above – we can see the gospel through clearer eyes. Does this new water that is added create a more “living water” to the culture?

One way the church can do this is in its approach to the adoption of technology.

Technology, itself, is neither good nor bad.

Change can be good or bad. But for some reason, churches resist change. But how can we have progress without change?

One example is churches need to adopt more robust data collection processes.

If a church wants to help a person be transformed, it must present to the person discipleship content that is relevant to a person’s life for them at that time. What content would that need to be?

Content based on the battles or trials a person is facing in their life right then. Not some generic content that is a “one-size-fits-all” teaching.

A marriage class for a newlywed couple should be different from a marriage class for empty nesters – these couples are dealing with different problems.

A financial class for a person trying to get out of credit card debt needs to be different than one offered to couples trying to decide how to live out the Second Great Commandment through investing in other people’s lives – again different problems with different solutions.  

Discipleship is not simply presented at church on Sundays and then lives are automatically transformed. We would have a much different society if that were the case.

Discipleship is played out as we live out the gospel through the challenges we face every day. Discipleship should be learned through experience, discussion and emulation, not just learned through consuming irrelevant content.

Some people need basic content, others more advanced content.

Some need to mature spiritually, others may need to learn life or relationship skills because they are drowning in real, concrete problems associated with some bad choices they have made along the way.

It is time to stop the culture war.
Time to put away our weapons.
Time to influence the direction of culture through the teachings of Christ … for blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.

Status quo is the enemy of progress.

What would it take for your church to become the “change agent” in your town or community?

Something different than it is currently doing?

We have a vision for the future of church.

Curious? Let’s discuss. We’ll make the time, if you will.

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