The Road to Transformation is Beyond

The Road to Transformation is Beyond
It's time for churches to move beyond Sundays, beyond the building, beyond ChMS - transforming lives seven days a week out where people work and live...

Getting Beyond Sundays

Although the Weekend gatherings are an important opportunity to start the week appropriately and a way of building the local Christian community, the weekend service is a limited format for completing discipleship, maturing families spiritually, and transforming lives.

People love the experience of singing and praising the Lord through worship, topped off by an engaging message by the pastor; however, the life that happens during week may not be connected to the message from the pulpit.

Life during the week can be messy.

It requires wisdom and insights into self and others to help build relationships in a healthy manner. That rarely happens through the traditional church service.

Getting Beyond the Building

To further this thinking: Church is NOT the building; the Church, or the bride of Christ, are the people.

The church staff needs to equip the congregants to be the arms and legs, the eyes and ears, the brain and heart of the Body of Christ.

The people within the church community need the tools to effectively evangelize the gospel, sharpen themselves through the trials that life throws at them, and counsel and console others as they face life challenges as well.

Sharing the appropriate content, along with exchanging ideas, builds persistence that enhances people’s lives.

Getting Beyond ChMS

Additionally, Christianity is not a spectator sport. It should be a way of life; one that requires participation. Just like needing food and air to live, Christians need their “daily bread” to grow spiritually.

Equipping the Saints is the point.

If we can move beyond the church walls, the church staff, so that everyone is spreading the gospel, the tentacle reach of the church is much further, the impact to society much greater.

The Communitas Platform - built for the transformation of people.

We're building church software that helps people better know who they are and lets others get to know them better.

And with the use of people’s mobile devices, churches can reach people seven days a week for encouragement, group discipleship discussions, daily devotionals, prayer requests and praises, etc.

We help churches help people live out their faith throughout the week using many forms of engagement, both physical and online.

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