That text that turned into a podcast discussion

That text that turned into a podcast discussion

Is there a difference between a life of ministry and a life of discipleship?

Recently I was pondering this question one evening while on a walk.

Earlier that day we had been wrestling with this topic during a Communitas Tech team meeting and I was looking to broaden the insights around my thinking.

So on a whim, I texted my friend Andrew. He and  I used to work at a church here in Dallas, TX and he is now the host the the podcast DISCIPLEOLOGY with Bible Studies for Life.

As I texted, I was mostly just curious if they had every discussed this topic in a previous episode. Little did I know that text thread would turn into a really great podcast conversation!

For those of you who work in vocational ministry, you might really appreciate the dialogue that speaks to ministry staff's tendency to want to turn off "ministry" when you get home from your day job at the church.

I invite you to give the conversation a watch.

Let me know what you think.

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