People have problems and they're looking for solutions in their context

People have problems and they're looking for solutions in their context

Our team likes to read because we know there are a lot of people out there who are sharing some great thought leadership, like Myron Pierce. People who are on the front lines, doing ministry in new and innovative ways, to grow the Kingdom.

In his book “Digital Ministry: Pastoring in a Pandemic," Myron says:

“People have problems, and anywhere people have problems, I tell you, they're looking for solutions... how can I actually influence the landscape of somebody's heart by presenting the Gospel to them. In such a way that they can understand in their context?”

“In their context...”

How might we start to find better ways to really connect with folks at the heart level - where they really feel a deep connection?

I believe it starts by getting to know them at a deeper level.

Being in relationship with them. Being present with them. Being vulnerable with them and being human.

We all have problems. We’ve all felt pain.

In sharing our stories of failure, fear, and brokenness we share our real life stories... and people connect with people like them. People who they feel have walked a mile in their shoes.

Who needs to hear your real stories today?

Are you ready, willing, and able to put the “real you” out there and find a true connection with someone today?

Imagine the possibilities...

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