Pastor, does your Sabbath day feel like Opposite Day?

Pastor, does your Sabbath day feel like Opposite Day?

First things first:

"The pandemic has caused the greatest shift in human behavior since the iPhone." Mark Miller, Historic Agency

Let that sink in. Is this statement true for you?

If this is true for you, were these more positive or negative changes in behavior? (Don't worry - you don't have to answer that out loud)

As a pastor or ministry leader, the term "Beyond Sunday" might initiate thoughts of your day off.

A Sabbath. A day when you can gain some distance from your iPhone, social media, and email. Unfortunately, we both understand the same isn't true for your congregants. They've still got their devices in hand and needs which require your attention.

Quick check-in: Is a Sabbath something for which you routinely make the time and space?

In a recent blog post, Rev. Dr. Peter White, partnering with our friends at Mission Alive, brought up the following point:

A weekly Sabbath ritual can look and feel like "Opposite Day."
In all the ways we say "yes" to the world—the emails, the phone calls, the constant availability, the productivity, the hustle—on Sabbath, we say "no."
In all the ways we say "no"—to relationships, to ourselves emotionally and physically, to enjoying life—on Sabbath, we say "yes."

At Communitas Tech, one of our corporate tenets is Beyond Sundays – Transforming Lives Seven Days a Week.

We claim this core value around a congregant-centric discipleship mindset. We want to help churches like yours leverage a forward-thinking ChMS to help you know your people better and build Christian community that happens every day of the week, organically, not programmatically.

Perhaps it's worth considering that with a well-thought-out digital discipleship strategy, and a well-executed implementation, the Communitas Ministry Engagement Platform could help you feel more comfortable stepping away for your weekly Sabbath.

So imagine your day of rest. Your re-creation day. The time God made for us to be with Him, with our families, to say "yes" to these key relationships in our lives.

All of that can happen while your congregation is encouraging each other. Discipling, praying, and caring for each other. Imagine your community being the Church beyond Sunday. 

Rev. Dr. Peter White reminds us that a practice of weekly Sabbath rest is necessary for healthy ministry.

"It rightly reorients us with Time. The work-rest rhythm of six-plus-one is the design of human beings. We are made to work six days and then spend a day enjoying the work of our hands. We are not made to spend ourselves until we crash."

If this is something you struggle with, perhaps this post from our friend Jeremy Hoover might be of benefit to you:

Dear Pastor: Silence, Solitude and Prayer Are 3 Self-Care Practices That Can Save You From Burning Out

By the way...

Our Communitas Tech team would love to help you out as you navigate building an improved Digital Discipleship Strategy. We also offer a hands-on Implementation Process as part of our church onboarding efforts. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I invite you to email me at

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