Looking to use technology as a partner in ministry for the future of your church?

Looking to use technology as a partner in ministry for the future of your church?

Churches have used church management systems for giving, registrations, communications, and attendance for decades.

But traditional ChMS' have made it challenging to leverage the software as a partner in ministry.

Many churches have felt stuck in a box, frustrated, and unable to use their ChMS to create ministry opportunities.

Software for the Future of the Church will help you break out of the box created by traditional church software and help you create personalized ministry offerings.

  • Modern church software should allow you to understand your folks better.
  • It should provide insights into family roles and dynamics and invite them to respond to surveys to share their thoughts.

A ministry platform should allow you to segment your folks into focused and intentional communities and allow for personalized communications.

Times have changed, and society now lives in both the physical and digital worlds.

  • We live with a digital-first mentality with Google as our first stop for every question.
  • Our calendars are filled with responsibilities and expectations, with little time to breathe. 

We're building the Communitas Platform to partner with you and your ministry.

Technology should be a partner in ministry to help people engage in their faith as a community.

It should be a resource:

  • On Sundays
  • In community beyond Sundays
  • Beyond the building
  • And integrated into the busyness of our everyday lives

Technology for the Future of the Church should bring people closer to God and closer in community. 

We imagine the Church of the Future as one that can meet people wherever they are.

  • Bring folks together, no matter their location, around everyday needs and shared journeys.
  • Leverage modern software to create personalized ministry offerings in-person and online. 

If you're thinking this sounds daunting and a little outside the norm of traditional ministry approaches, you're right. 

Mind if we ask you how those traditional approaches are working these days?

Would you like an introduction to our ministry engagement platform?

We host tours of the Communitas Platform on the third Tuesday of each month at 11:00 am Central.

Sign-up and share how your ministry is looking to leverage technology in your growing church.

How are you looking to disciple folks in your community and help them live more functional Christian lives? Will you join us?

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