It Is Time to Get Started!

It Is Time to Get Started!

Plot Lines:

·      The wait is over! The First Edition of Chapter and Story are ready to implement.

·      If your church is struggling with your current database because it does not include enough information to really know who the people are, give Chapter a look.

·      Do your people engage with your church management system or go around it?

The wait is over; it is time to get started. Communitas Technologies is pleased to announce the general availability release of the First Edition of, the first Church Software Platform built with the congregation, their stories, relationships, and spiritual journeys as the center of the system. Gone are the days when people are just an object in the church database – more like a digital card in a glorified RolodexTM – primarily architected for the efficient operation of the Sunday morning service. The church is about the people, helping them live more functional Christian lives, and the church system should reflect that perspective.

The First Edition of Chapter is the initial offering within our robust Editions Framework. With the Editions Framework, a church can subscribe to the functionality tailored to the operations and size of their organization, without the clutter or cost of features they won’t use. We are continuing to build out the platform with additional Editions and will announce them as they become available. When all is said and done, the Communitas Faith Network will be able to support the operations of churches, plant churches, parachurches, and other types of faith-based non-profit organizations of all sizes and complexities.

With our First Edition, a small church can get in on the ground level of the platform and then easily upgrade to subsequent editions and complexity without the need to change data strategies or perform a database conversion. Our system is meant to grow with you as you grow, not just in size but also in technological prowess, all with the ease of use, simplicity, and affordability of an Internet-based software-as-a-service.

With Chapter, the person’s spiritual journey is first and foremost: whether the person is participating in church through physical attendance, watching online, engaged with a local or virtual small group, taking an online discipleship class, or just exploring the church through digital engagement with the website alone. With the COVID-19 crisis, all churches are being forced to conduct online services or not have church. Many churches jumped into streaming their Sunday service for the first time only to realize that they were missing out on a large untapped potential congregation. Now churches are faced with the need to change processes and measurements to fully serve this expanded congregation.

Chapter has a fully integrated congregant experience called Story, which can be through a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. With Story, people can quickly engage with the church via their smartphones to give, participate in groups and communicate with pastors and other congregants, all without the need of a password they have to remember, but never quite remember. Like many newer systems, we protect their information using a password-less authentication by sending a sign-in code directly to their mobile device. And for sensitive information, we let the congregant be in complete control and let them decide who sees what.

Different people have different needs. However, if they all look the same within the church database because there is not enough detailed information there, how can a person’s spiritual needs be addressed? Knowing why someone comes to church is the first step in addressing their needs. By understanding their personal and family dynamics, psychographics, and journey milestones, the system can help in guiding their walk towards a more functional Christian life.

Find out more about Chapter by visiting our website at Signup for a 30-day trial and take it for a test drive. We are here to help you better serve the needs of your congregation. The better cared for they are, the more engaged they will be and the brighter their light will shine in the community.

Grace to you,

Jeff Hook

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