Human-centric Ministry With a Technology Twist to Provide Value?

Human-centric Ministry With a Technology Twist to Provide Value?

Seth Godin recently presented the following statement on his blog:

Three problems of healthcare

  • Technology / science
  • Resources
  • Information

His post around healthcare applies in a ministry context with a bit of creative thinking applied.

Read more (pay attention to the context in parenthesis) and then hit reply to share your thoughts:

"Humans are always going to be fearful and superstitious when it comes to our health (Christian faith). We'll probably continue to fall into bad habits and make panicked choices. The answer might not be a scientific breakthrough or more money spent on a new device (disconnected tools). It might simply be allowing skilled practitioners (ministry leaders) to bring their care and insight to the right people in the right moment."
– Seth Godin, Three problems of healthcare, March 8, 2022

Let me connect the dots:

  • People outside of the Christian faith will always be critical. The same can also be true for some on the inside.
  • Churches that continue down the path of the Status Quo (bad habits) will continue getting what they've always gotten.
  • And they'll continue chasing the next new shiny object (panicked choices).
  • Rather than thinking technology can solve the problems, perhaps we need to look at technology as a conduit that helps build stronger relational connections?
  • And in not using software integrated systems, churches will continue to make it challenging to gather valuable data in one place to make it useful and actionable.

Seth then speaks into information and technology in a way that, I believe, speaks into using technology for ministry purposes:

"Information about technology and resources is the key to using the tools we already have. Who needs help, when they need help and what help they need–we're doing a lousy job of this."
  • Perhaps your church does not need new technology, just better information to use the system you already have?
  • Or, perhaps, the available technology isn't up to the task?

How mature is the data in your church database?

  • Is it mature enough to provide you with information to help you understand the health of your congregants and your church?
  • Do you have a digital ministry strategy as part of your ministry strategy?

Without useful data, you might lack the knowledge to make wise ministry decisions.

  • A sound data strategy and data collection strategy can help you gather data that leads to personalized ministry.
  • Capturing valuable data around the people in your organization will lead to more effective ministry.

Why is this becoming important, you ask?

As we often discuss at Communitas, we all navigate many journeys each day:

  • Your work journey,
  • Spiritual journey,
  • Financial journey,
  • Physical health journey,
  • Emotional healthy journey,
  • Relationship journeys,
  • etc.
Words create worlds.
– Abraham Joshua Heschel

Add to that the unique "inner dialogue" we have with ourselves each day, and we've got a lot going on. Our many voices speak into our days as we navigate the various stories of our lives. 

Inviting technology to become a partner in ministry, alongside your ministry staff, makes it possible for our churches to provide congregants and communities with more personalized resources - Resources a church might not know a congregant needs without technology and data as a partner in ministry.

  • It also helps ministry leaders move beyond "one-size-fits-all" ministry, helping them create content that provides value for each person.
  • These resources and communities can be available to us anytime, anywhere, whenever we can fit them into our busy schedules.

Content that is valuable for one person in your community might not be valuable for someone else.

As Keynote Speaker Andrew Davis says:

"Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust."

Trusted relationships can lead to life change and Spiritual transformation.

And healthy people in healthy relationships can help us all break out of status quo and direct us toward life change and transformation.

So what do you think?

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