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For a majority of the last 16 years, Jeff has committed his life to helping churches be more effective by using technology to help people live more functional Christian lives.

In 2004, Jeff started Fellowship Technologies, which brought Fellowship One to market, to help churches scale Sunday mornings as the megachurches needed better technology and processes to handle the crowds they were attracting.

After selling F1 to Active Network hoping that a larger organization could help churches attract more seekers through, Jeff went on to apply his skills to helping ParishSOFT rework their development processes and to modernize its roadmap.

Once his non-compete expired, he felt led to take everything he had learned to once again help the church better utilize technology.

As technology became part of our everyday lives through the introduction of the smart phone, Jeff realized that to really fulfill the mission of the church, or make disciples, technology could be used to even a greater extent to help people live out the Gospel in a much bigger way beyond Sundays.

And so, introducing Communitas Technologies.

Jeff Hook joins Jeff Reed on The Church Digital Podcast.

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Jeff Hook joins Chris Lim on the TheoTech Podcast.

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Jeff Hook is the Founder and CEO of Communitas Technologies.Connect on LinkedIn

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Discussion Topics & Related Questions

Technology in Church

  • What has been the evolution of church technology?
  • What value can churches receive from technology?
  • Why do churches fight the use of technology?

Online Church

  • What is the role of online church in today’s church?
  • How does your definition of online church differ from what most people think?
  • Can online church support the physical attendance of church?

Digital Discipleship

  • If discipleship needs to happen seven days a week, how can technology help the church get beyond Sundays, beyond the church building?
  • How can technology help people live out their discipleship?
  • Does technology within churches promote a one-size-fits-all approach to Christian maturity?

Church Data Strategy

  • When you say churches need a data strategy, what does that mean?
  • Why would a church need a data strategy?
  • What are some of the roadblocks associated with a church’s data strategy?

Personalized Ministry

  • What is personalized ministry?
  • What could help someone receive more personalized ministry?
  • Isn’t the Gospel the same for everyone? Is personalized ministry Biblical?

The Future of Giving

  • Fellowship One was one of the first platforms that allowed churches to receive funds through online giving. What was the history behind that?
  • So how should giving online giving evolve today?
  • What do you mean by experiential giving?

Church Metrics

  • Historically, churches have measured attendance, giving and sometimes baptisms. What else should churches measure?
  • What is the value of data?
  • When you say churches should measure outcomes, not just outputs, what does that mean?

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