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With plans starting at $25/mo, Communitas comes ready to handle your growing community's needs:

Empower the Spiritual Growth of Individuals
Strengthen Communities In-Person and Online
Manage Your Network, Organizations, Communities, and Campuses
Measure Changed Lives
Understand Why People Give
Build Community Through Congregational Engagement

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Communitas Platform Pricing

Includes the Chapter Staff Administration Portal
Includes the Story App (Native & Web-based) for Community Engagement
Supports Multiple Languages (English & Spanish currently)
Communitas Reach - an Integrated Discipleship Platform
Single Organization Pricing
(By weekly attendance size)

Ideal for:

Church Plants
Home Churches
Parachurch Ministries
Multi-Campus Churches
  • 0-100 people: $25/mo
  • 101-200 people: $45/mo
  • 201-300 people: $60/mo
  • 301-400 people: $75/mo
  • 401-500 people: $90/mo
  • 501-750 people: $120/mo
  • 751-1,000 people: $150/mo
Multi-Organization Pricing
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Ideal for:

Church Planting Organizations
Multi-Site Churches

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