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A new approach to church software that moves beyond Sundays.

Helping you with the things that matter - strengthening communities, discipling people for life change... and Sundays, too!

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Platform Overview
Create personalized ministry opportunities with the Communitas Engagement Platform.

The Communitas Platform

1 Platform, 3 Parts, Just 1 Subscription.

Connect with the many contexts of each individual's life by creating more personalized ministry and discipleship experiences.

How? With relationship and engagement data that's saved in a single database to provide your ministry staff with better insights for better ministry decisions.

Chapter Portal:

Staff Engagement

With Chapter, your staff and leaders can begin to manage all of your community's faith experiences on one platform.

Bring people's physical and digital worlds together, during the week and on Sundays, and gain better insights into their pain points, struggles, and prayer concerns... which is becoming more of a challenge due to the digital disruption of external, third-party resources.

Story App:

Community Engagement

With Story, your community can support your church, engage with your ministries and each other, any time, anywhere, all from a computer or the device in their hand.

Always available access to the Story App allows individuals in your community to progress through discipleship steps at their own pace and connect with their community throughout the week in safe spaces outside of the prying eyes of the social media advertising platforms.
With Communitas Reach, churches will be able to deliver individualized discipleship content, live and on-demand, to aid in the spiritual growth of individuals within their congregation.

Communitas Reach

This feature is coming soon.

Deliver individualized discipleship content.

Supporting dynamic, journey-based experiences and curriculum to your congregation and community to aid in their spiritual growth - delivered when and where it's most convenient for them.
  • Live Video Meetings & Livestream Gatherings
  • On-demand Recordings and Courses
  • Public Access & Registration-required
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Ready to learn more about Communitas?

It all starts with a conversation.

Insights from those already on the journey...

"As we grow, how we collect better data on folks is really another way of staying connected in the most efficient way possible. If people can name their joys, pain points, their struggles, and share prayer concerns, then we can help guide folks to solutions, resolutions, or pastoral care more effectively."
Rev. Mitchell Boone, Senior Pastor
White Rock UMC
"For churches and leaders who are not afraid of using digital tools, LISTEN UP! Communitas Technologies is setting the curve. They are reimagining how churches can use technology to facilitate deeper spiritual growth."
Tod K. Vogt, Executive Director
Mission Alive
"The Communitas Engagement Platform allows me to build a profile of the church that shows the interconnectedness of the people to allow me to understand the data to build new ministries and programs."
Jeremy Hoover, Church Planter
Love First Church, Sarnia Ontario
"Communitas Technologies is helping me reimagine how to build community beyond the congregation, both online and in-person. It's also helping me to gently introduce a digital platform to the small, traditional congregation I serve. It's really a win-win for church as it exists today and as it will 10 years from now."
Fr. Cathie Caimano, Episcopal Priest

Get better data and say goodbye to the "one-size-fits-all" approach to ministry.

Everyone deserves to live a healthy and more functional Christian life in caring community, every day of the week.

Better Data & Deeper Connections

Reach, connect with, and understand your people at deeper levels.

Get to know the people in your community through better data and offer more personalized ministry experiences between Sundays.

  • Gather more accurate and useful profile information.
  • Get a better understanding of family roles & ever-changing dynamics.
  • Leverage robust membership and engagement statuses for better segmentation.
  • Organize people into communities and discussion groups to engage in meaningful discipleship.
  • Help people connect across an integrated set of communication tools.
Better Community & More Meaningful Engagement

Nurture their spiritual growth and formation.

Organize intentional physical and digital communities that work into people's busy schedules directly within your church's engagement platform.

  • Organize Hybrid Events (Physical & Digital) to foster connected community.
  • Offer online giving and increase generosity by understanding people's giving motivations.
  • Create targeted surveys to better understand what your congregation thinks, believes, and needs.
  • Build stronger physical and digital discipleship experiences.
  • Extend the church experience and relationships between Sundays.
Empower Life Change & measure Outcomes

Equip them to live more functional Christian lives so that Christ's light can shine throughout the world.

People are seeking guidance to help them navigate the many challenges they face every day at home, at work, in life.

  • Provide safe spaces to meet their individual needs.
  • Help build healthier families and communities.
  • Unleash them into ministry within their communities.
  • Train them up to care, support, and disciple others.
  • Make the resources of your church a blessing to your city.

A Church software platform that grows with your church...
As you invest in and grow others, each and every day.

Ideal for:

Individual Churches

Communitas comes ready to meet the needs of smaller communities with room to grow as your community flourishes or needs new tools to grow your people.

  • Church Plants
  • Home Churches
  • Micro Churches
  • Small Community Churches
Starting at $25/mo

Perfect for Single Organizations:

Multi-Campus Churches

As a church grows, the ministry needs become more complex. Our Platform is built to scale with you and provide better insights so you can spend more time in ministry.

  • Parachurch Ministries
  • Local Churches
  • Multi-site / Multi-Campus Churches
Starting at $60/mo

Scalable for Multi-Organizations:

Associations & Networks

This is where the Communitas Engagement Platform shines. Imagine shared content and metrics that report up so you can stay connected to your local outposts.

  • Faith-based Non-Profits
  • Conferences / Parishes
  • Larger Multi-Site Networks
  • Denominations
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